Wednesday, April 9, 2008

If you insist on wearing tie-dye....

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Dear Flashy Hippie Wannabe,

I'm not a fashion guru. I don't follow the trends, I don't keep up with the latest fads, and I couldn't tell you 10 high fashion "brands."

I don't even like fashion.

I wear what fits, is comfy, suits my current needs/situation, and that's that. If you looked through my wardrobe, you'd find a little bit of everything. I have my own style....nothing too extreme, nothing too sloppy, and certainly nothing too trendy that was bought in the last 2 weeks and will be discarded in the next 2.

No thanks.

So when it comes to what other people wear, it makes no difference to me. If you're really into fashion, then go for it....if you're not, then hey, that's okay, too.

But please, please, please....

If you're going to insist on wearing tie-dye, don't match your huge tie-dye headband to your brightest-of-the-bright tie-dye pants.

Seriously. It looks like you were in a head-on collision with a rainbow. Or maybe you decided to toss the rainbow in the blender and then swim in it.

I know it might be cool to cut or cheap the extra material off your huge, baggy pants and turn it into a headpiece. Way to be creative!

But really, please consider wearing them separately next time. Or at least try not to call so much attention to yourself by talking extra loud in a busy place so that everyone turns around to see you....and then consequently, starts bumping into one another because they're blinded by your bright, swirling colors.

In other news, I appreciate your neutral coat that leaves your shirt choice to my imagination. I truly wonder if you were wearing a full tie-dye jump suit under there. ;-)

Thank you for your consideration,
Nearly Blinded

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fairyhedgehog said...

I never did do tie-dye, although I was around in that era. My sister and I did tye-bleach. If you start with a dark green t-shirt, you end up with one that is dark green and yellow. Well, it's different.